Mila Mini Crossbody Phone Wallet - Blue

Mila Mini Crossbody Phone Wallet - Blue

SKU: 7727e479

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Float on a cloud of serenity with our metallic Mini Crossbody Phone Wallets. They'll keep you calm and collected while on the go, able to carry the few essentials with ease. Mila comes in five colors: Pink, Blue, Rose Gold, Hot Pink, and Black!

  • Main compartments fit Android and iPhone devices
  • 3 card slots within the compartment
  • Soft quilted PU Leather
  • Side pocket on back
  • 23" drop length.
  • 3.75" x 7.1" (OPEN - 3.75" x 10.375")
  • Detachable strap
  • Pink #1074, Blue #1081, Hot Pink #1586, Rose Gold #1098, Black #1104

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