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My First Time, And Didn't Even Know What I Was Doing.

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I am an introvert by nature unless backed up against a wall or in defense of others.

One day, a fight broke out between two of my best friends. It was one of those nasty physical altercations; blood and ruined hairdos.

I decided to break up the fight by getting right in the middle of my friends. As is pushed my way through the pinwheel of fists, I finally got between them.

In my haste to end this brawl, I didn't think about the possibility I could get hurt. Until I realized my left eye was hurting, and I could not open it.

My friends saw I was hurt, and suddenly their dispute was not of any importance to them.

I noticed my friends seem more concerned about me than their quarrel. I saw this as an opportunity to discuss how I enjoyed their friendship. I asked them if they like being my friend, and they both enthusiastically said yes. I told my friends that I could not be friends until they were nice and didn't fight. I told them that we should not get so mad to the point we fight.

My friends made up, and we went on the day happily in friendship and respect. My Friends had a mutual interest in keeping our group together, and I help them realize the value of relationships.

I was about 10-11 years old; the first time I mediated a dispute, I didn't even know what I was doing.

I still have a scar on my eyeball just under my eyelid to remind me of that day.

I was reintroduced to conflict resolution years later due to community violence and decided to train as a mediator formally. I am still helping people resolve conflict, and I love what I do.

We recently launched an online learning academy that will help people understand how they connect with others and appreciate their value to one another and the community.

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