As-salaam Alaykum and Greetings of Peace to All. I am deeply saddened by the current events of violence in America. I encourage parents to talk with your children. Keep your children close. Don't let them travel alone. Be watchful of the friends they keep. Be careful of the environment they are exposed to. Our future is in our children. Humanity is going through another crisis and we need to think before we act. Some of us, are so frustrated that we forget to use our words, we forget that there is a power greater than the power the binds and oppresses others. Sometimes we focus on the wrong things. Things that distract us from our true potential and in the understanding of how we are connected with each other.Know your history so you do not repeat the same mistakes. Let's see if we can find some good news to post on social media. Let's see if we can use our energy in helping someone in need, or a small business in our community keep its doors open. Maybe we can pull our resources together to start a community garden to feed ourselves or promote entrepreneurship amongst our youth. What would it take to put energy into building your community so that it strives? I have a dream that oppressed people everywhere will find their voices and how they connect with others by expressing their self-worth and self-actualization. Each one teaches one to rise and be the greatest they can be. I pray for peace and justice for all. I AM SOMEBODY. I HAVE A VOICE, I HAVE A PURPOSE. YOU ARE SOMEBODY. YOU HAVE A VOICE. YOU HAVE A PURPOSE. TOGETHER WE CAN DO GREAT THINGS. HUMANITY NEEDS US TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES. PEACE.

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