How do you handle destructive conflict?

Updated: Jun 28

As-salaam Alaykum, Peace be with you.

Today we are going to talk about-

How do you handle destructive conflict?

Destructive conflict can be stressful, and if unresolved, it can cause some sleepless nights and health issues. Conflict can last days, weeks, months, and even years without being resolved.

I believe most people want to manage their conflicts.

Here are three tips on what NOT to do in managing conflict.

  1. Don’t attempt to resolve a conflict in a state of anger. Be calm and think before you speak and act.

  2. Please don’t post personal or work conflicts on social media, as it may make the situation worse. Keep in mind that posting statements about someone you conflict with online is very public, and you regret it later.

  3. Don’t call a friend about the situation until you have left the scene of the conflict. We are human, and we tend to share events good and bad with friends. It is our way to vent our feelings. However, venting with a friend on the phone while the other party in which a conflict is in play can only escalate the problem. The other party overhears your conversation and interprets it as adversarial or, as we say back home, “Fighting Words.” Before you know it, you and the other party are going back and forth with each other over what was said and done or thought was said and done. Save yourself the drama!

Did you know that most conflicts are just a miscommunication of interests? If you could get help with a conflict today, what would that mean to you? Leave a comment below.

***Remember, a conflict occurs when ideas clash: a dispute is a failure to communicate mutual interests. If you would like more information on how to discreetly manage conflict before it ruins your business, reputation, and relationships in the comfort of your home or office drop me a line.****

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