Hey World: Calling All Decent People

I am calling all decent people in America and around the world.

I call all decent people around the world, compassionate, loving, caring, and giving to join me on Giving Tuesday on social media and post how a single act of kindness has affected you. Then I want you to pay-it-forward and do a random act of kindness for someone. We need to share GOOD NEWS as much as we can on social media.

I am also calling all legal conflict management professionals, such as mediators, attorneys, and paralegals, to volunteer at your local legal aid or pro-bono agencies. As the courts are reopening to full capacity in the next week and many people are facing a crisis and need help.

I am calling parents and mental and emotional healthcare professionals, to pay close attention to how children are being affected by exposure to continuous negative media coverage of violence and racism on television. Some children may be affected by media coverage of violence and racism differently, either as victims or perpetrators. You want to reassure children everything is going to be okay and that adults are trying to work things out as soon as possible.

I am calling religious organizations to conduct wellness-checks on their members, even if it is just picking up the phone to call to say, "I was thinking about you. How are you?". You would be surprised by what an impact a caring phone call makes on someone's day.

I am calling all educational institutions administrators and faculty to reach out to students expressing support during this difficult time. Many students are having difficulty concentrating on studies and may need time to complete assignments. Also, some students may need confidential counseling services to handle issues resulting from the current situation.

I am calling all law enforcement professionals to remember why they join the force in the first place. I have sons and a daughter. Every last of them wanted to be in law enforcement or some service profession. When they were very young, my sons told me that law enforcement would allow them to help those in need by protecting them and keeping them safe. My sons also told me how respectful they thought law enforcement professionals were. My children were exposed to the most exceptional law enforcement professionals in New York when growing up. I was a member of the PAL and a grassroots community action group that encouraged good relations between law enforcement and the community. It was wonderful. I have a son who is a firefighter, a daughter who's a nurse, and a son in the marine corps. I am very proud of their accomplishments. My youngest, who is still a teenager, desperately wanted to be in law enforcement. However, he was discouraged from doing so by a deputy sheriff who instead encouraged him to go to law school. Initially, when someone decides to pursue a career in law enforcement, they have a "why" that is usually related to being a service to the community.

I am calling all politicians to be mindful of your alliances. It is the people who trust you to do a job and who voted you into your respective positions. Remember your "why" in getting into politics in the first place. I believe you can judge a nation by how it cares for the weak under its sovereignty. Who cares for the children, the elderly, the ill, oppressed, hungry, homeless, and forgotten constituents? Lead with conviction and humanity; we are all in this together, right?

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. Have a happy, safe, healthy, and wealthy day. #PEACE


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