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Divorce by Mediation: A Less Painful Path

John M. Haynes, Ph.D. (1994)

Divorce mediation is an active process in which the mediator helps you identify all the issues that need to be covered in your separation agreement.


Your mediator will help you determine what it cost to live apart and, using that information together with current income, help you determine the amount and duration of support. We will show how State Child Support Guidelines apply to your situation.

We will also help you identify all your marital assets, figure out their value, and help you to divide them fairly.

We will also help you make all the future parenting decisions.

Mediation is conducted so that there should be no losers: one spouse should not win at the expense of the other.


Divorce by mediation is a non-adversarial process helping people negotiate directly and dissolve marriages once a decision to divorce or separate is made. We provide you with the opportunity to negotiate mutually beneficial terms in total privacy.


Divorce Mediation

Divorce by mediation helps identify key issues concerning the division of personal and real property, support, parenting, and the future. It helps eliminate the painful win-lose atmosphere that is part of all adversarial divorces. The process is a mutual search for a reasonable solution; neither partner can win at the other partner’s expense. A resolution must emerge from the process with a settlement created and accepted by both.

Mediation can also deal with specific limited issues such as times of access, what to do with the house, or other issues specified by you at the start.

Important Aspects of Mediation

The important aspects of divorce by mediation are that:

• It is non-adversarial

• It is mutual

• It helps clarify areas of conflict

• It gives you power

• It is best for your children

How to Proceed. 

Divorce is a serious life-changing event; therefore, we require all clients to be fully committed to the process to ensure the desired results. We reserved the right to decline divorce mediation request from clients that will not follow these steps.

  1.  Step 1. Clients must register and attend our divorce mediation webinar using the button below. (Attendance required).  A detailed explanation of how the procedure works will be described. 

 Step 2. Before the event, you and your spouse will receive a link to download the Divorce By Mediation Handbook (Download required). 

Both you and your spouse will receive the same information; therefore, each of you can rest assured that you will be on an equal footing from the outset of the proceedings.

( Islamic Divorce Mediation also offer for our  Muslim clients. )

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