Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Benefits

What you should know

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service uses dispute resolution approaches without adversarial legal proceedings. Typically, ADR requires a neutral third party to help find a creative solution to a problem. What are the forms of dispute resolution and their advantages? Read on as we look into this article more carefully.

Specific Forms of Dispute Resolution Mediation

A neutral third party called a "mediator" meets with all parties during mediation—the Karima Muhammad Firm assists in a conflict by clarifying issues and establishing solutions for the disputing parties.

Like Mediator Karima Muhammad, a negotiator typically does not give any opinion or assessment of the dispute and does not play any role in deciding outcomes. The mediator facilitates communication between the parties. 




Another neutral party, an attorney or judge called the "arbitrator," listens to claims during arbitration, considers facts submitted by either side of a dispute, and decides the outcome. Arbitration is comparable to the litigation process, in which the arbitrator provides conflict resolution.


Neutral Evaluation


During a fair evaluation, the party involved in a dispute may present their case to an objective third party, called a "neutral evaluator." Neutral Evaluators are attorneys or judges. He or she will help conflicting parties determine potential outcomes and win-win solutions.




A single procedure


ADR grants the parties the experience to settle disputes in a single procedure without lengthy and ongoing hearings in the courtroom.


Reduced expenses


With ADR, you will be able to save the majority of your resources, and you can even redirect that money and energy into better things. 




Court proceedings and litigations are usually open to the public. If you don't want the whole world to know about your dispute with someone else, parties can reach an agreement through ADR to keep all proceedings and conclusions confidential. It gives the parties involved the freedom to concentrate on the settlement without any public impact.


Preserve Corporate Relationships


ADR may maintain the chances of any continuing contractual relationship between the disputing parties during workplace conflict where litigation and court proceedings can kill the professional relationship.




A consultation with the mediator, Karima Muhammad, on Alternative Dispute Resolution will help you understand the advantages and possible pitfalls with each ADR approach. However, if you have a legal question on how each ADR approach impacts your case, please consult with a licensed attorney. For more information or to schedule a consultation with Karima Muhammad, click on the chat button for assistance. 


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